Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bright Nails With Barry M

Well the sun decided to show its face today (hooray!) and it got me thinking about raiding through my nail varnish collection for some brightness and I immediately found three beautiful Barry M polishes that I purchased not that long ago.

306 Blueberry 312 / 134 Yellow 923 / 304 Mint Green 025 

You often see bright pink nail varnish but you don't see many other bright colours as often which I think is a great shame!

I really love wearing the blue (left) and the mint green (right) in the pic above but I haven't got the full confidence to dare to wear yellow on my finger nails yet. I have seen it worn well and worn badly but I still can't decide if it's a hit or miss! What do you think?

Now, which one should I wear hmmm...?

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Your perfect imperfections

Every morning I get up (admittedly after pressing the alarm a fair few more times that one), brush my teeth and put my makeup on, but recently I've realised that I spend half the time moaning about my imperfections when I put my makeup on. If only everyone could learn to love there imperfections. Yes, I know, easier said than done! It's easy for me to sit here tapping away at the keyboard and tell you to love your imperfections like they don't exist but it just doesn't happen like that, trust me I know. 

We all hide away because it's the easy option

Next time you look in the mirror I dare you to say "I might not love my nose, but I do love my eyes", or whatever part of your face and body you loath and love. And I dare you this because I bet I know that when you look in that mirror all you see are the bad things, the minority of things and none of the wonderful things that everyone else sees. Hopefully one day we will all see that our imperfections are in fact perfect. They make us who we are; they make us unique.

Well that's all for today, but I did just dare you so you have to go and do it now!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Little Things

Sometimes it just takes a little thing to make you smile. I know sometimes I can be having an average day and the tiniest thing can make it into a great one. I decided that today I would write down some of the things that make me smile and might make you smile too.

Homemade cupcakes
There is nothing nicer that sitting down with a delicious homemade cupcake. I especially like homemade cupcakes as it always seem so much more special knowing that someone has spent time baking and decorating the cakes individually.

To be exact, I love scented candles. I don’t burn candles that often, mainly in the cold winter months but they always look so gorgeous and smell delightful. Worthy enough to put anyone is a good mood!

A good quote
Finding a good quote easily makes me smile. Not just any quote but a quote that I can relate to or that makes me look at things in a much more positive perspective.

Friends and Family
My life would be so different if I didn't have the friends and family that I am truly blessed to have. They accept me despite my many faults and always know how to make me laugh. Without them I know I would smile a lot less.

Talking about my friends and family makes me think of all the amazing memories I have collected over the years. Looking through some old photos or sharing some old memories can bring a smile to my face whatever my mood.
(photos, drawings, tickets and many other things that bring back great memories)

Free samples and sales
Getting to the checkout and finding an item is in the sale or reduced further is great. Everyone loves a discount right?

I know it’s a very stereotypical thing for a girl to say but I love that feeling of finding a lovely pair of shoes that fit perfectly and don’t break the bank! I can’t say for sure what it is about shoes that make me smile, they just do.