Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bright Nails With Barry M

Well the sun decided to show its face today (hooray!) and it got me thinking about raiding through my nail varnish collection for some brightness and I immediately found three beautiful Barry M polishes that I purchased not that long ago.

306 Blueberry 312 / 134 Yellow 923 / 304 Mint Green 025 

You often see bright pink nail varnish but you don't see many other bright colours as often which I think is a great shame!

I really love wearing the blue (left) and the mint green (right) in the pic above but I haven't got the full confidence to dare to wear yellow on my finger nails yet. I have seen it worn well and worn badly but I still can't decide if it's a hit or miss! What do you think?

Now, which one should I wear hmmm...?

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