Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Do Good, Feel Good

After chatting to a few of my friends I have realised more and more that people don't often voluntarily lend a hand to neighbors, charities, or sometimes even to those close to you. 

It's so easy not too, but if you do something good for someone else it makes you feel good. 
Every week I go to my elderly next door neighbour's house and take the full bin bags out the front of the house to be taken away and have a chat with her for 10 minutes I find it so lovely to see her have a smile on her face and knowing I have helped put it there. It makes me feel good all from doing one little thing.

Even if you haven't got a neighbour who needs a hand there are always charities looking for a bit of help. As well as you getting some good work experience you might just make some new friends and you will have certainly been a big help to the charity. 

It's doesn't even have to be a set thing it could just be general things like holding a door open, smiling or just doing something nice for someone. 

I will always believe that doing good for someone who appreciates it is also good for you. I truly believe in the saying 'Do Good, Feel Good', so why don't you give it go?

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