Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Pink Wheelbarrow

Today my mum, my aunt and myself went to a local garden centre as it was my aunt's birthday and we came home with this rather pink wheelbarrow. 

I quite like a few girly things now and then and seeing as it was half price and the same price as all the boring more common colours me and mum felt the need to buy it (as we did needed a new wheelbarrow) and sometimes you have to be a shepherd and not a sheep! 

That's all for today but hopefully I will be able to do a beauty and fashion haul for you all very soon.


  1. Hello, i'm just here to say that i've just discovered your blog from your comment on sprinkleofglitter's blogpost and I really like your blog:) hehe my name's charlotte too and i've just followed you so it would mean the world to me if you followed back!


  2. Thank you Charlotte, yes I will go and have a look now!

  3. Such a cute wheelbarrow


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