Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Top 25 Pandora Charms

My favourite pandora charms

Oh my, it's nearly Christmas! 

Last year I was lucky enough to get a Pandora bracelet and two charms. I have been having a look at what charms to put on my list and what charms I could buy my family and these where my favourites.

Pandora have a new collection called essence which look stunning but they are smaller so only fit on the new bracelet they have released which is such a shame because they are stunning, ho-hum.  

Have you got a Pandora bracelet or any of the charms above? Which are your favourite? Let me know in the comments. 



  1. Nice top 25 Pandora list Charlotte!
    The Mittens have to be my favorite charm of the new 2013 Winter collection. The way the mittens dangle and move on their chain through the charm ring is simply adorable!
    The Star CZ charm has to be one of the most classic and timeless charms on your list. The tips of gold and cubic zirconia give it great dimension and sparkle. During the Christmas season I like to think of it as the North Star.
    Yes, the new Essence collection is fabulous! The meaning behind the charms will make each purchase or gift personal and an expression of you.
    Keep on sharing!
    Jenna Mogck,

  2. It's all so beautiful... it's really hard to pick some out of them..


  3. Such cute charms! Especially love the dice & the heart padlock and key :)

    Eve & Faye x
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