Friday, 2 August 2013

Recently on Instagram #1

Hello everyone, I'm thinking of possibly starting a little series to celebrate having hit a three digit follow number on instagram. Every few months I will do an update of what I have been posting on instagram in a few sentences for each snap I have taken. This is the first one and depending on what you think it will be the first of many or the first and final.  

My instagram is slightly themed which isn't everyone's cup of tea but I usually don't have a great deal of exciting things to take pictures of! I post products that I would recommend and things I love (as well as the very occasional selfie).   

If you want to see these pictures without the huge numbers on then click HERE.

1) Favourite mascara by Maxfactor, Clump Defy by False Lash Effect in black

2) New skater skirt from my resent shopping haul (post here) and my tanned legs in the sun

3) Clean on my shower gel by soap and glory (mentioned in this post here) which I love  

4) A Toni and Guy bag that I got a few Christmas' ago that had some beauty products in but that I now use for storage on show in my room. What do you think of the bag?

5) Grey top (shown in this posts here) from Topshop that I love, love, love!

6) My ugly mug because everyone has a selfie on instagram, right?

7) A little painted tag with the quote 'happiness is homemade' which I think is so true

8) A yummy chocolate milkshake balancing dangerously on my duvet

9) And finally Soap and Glorys heal genius that I always rave about (including in this post here)

Let me know your instagram by following me and by leaving a comment on one of my pictures saying 'I follow your blog' and will be sure to follow your instagram back.


  1. I love the design of your blog!! Did you design it yourself? And aww I love instagram!!! My favourite app!! x

  2. Thank you and yes I did :) I'm still not pleased with it! Instagram is so addictive x

  3. Hey,
    I like your blog, so I nominated you for Liebster Award.
    More info here:

    xoxo, Anja

  4. Lovely blog! Follow for follow? My blog is Ayeella@blogspot


  5. thank you, I will go and have a look x


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